Blossoms that Suit Specific Occasions

There are various items that we select to give away as gifts during various occasions. One of the things that we use for almost every occasion could be pointed out as floral bouquets. There are various types of floral decorations available in the world and each item could be quite specific for various occasions. When it comes to blossoms, there are certain items that suit specifically for certain events. If you are not too sure about sending a bouquet to a specific occasion, following tips might help you to clarify your doubts.


When it comes to birthdays, you need to make sure that you send a bouquet that signifies friendship if you are sending a floral arrangement to a friend. Usually, yellow is known to be the colour of friendship and any floral item that contains this colour would be an ideal pick to be sent for this specific occasion. If the birthday is of a significant other, you can consider sending a floral arrangement which is red in colour as red symbolizes love. For family members, you can follow the same colour as friendship. Therefore, for family and friends, flowers such as sunflowers, yellow roses, dandelions, tulips and lilies would be ideal while red roses and red carnations will be ideal to be sent for a significant other.


When it comes to weddings, you will always seea congratulatory flower stand Singapore with various types of floral decorations. When it is this specific occasion, the floral arrangement will purely depend on what the bride and the groom wants. When it comes to the bouquet of the bride and the bridesmaids, there are various types of flora that could be used and will be based on the theme and the colour of the dresses. If you are sending a bouquet to the couple, you can send any type of bouquet but with a mix of yellow to signify friendship. You can even use a mix of purple, pink, blue and even red with a mix of white and green leaves.


As funerals are an event of mourning, you need to be careful in what you do and what you say when it comes to an occasion of this nature. When you are sending a bouquet of flora, it is important to make sure that light colours with the right items are sent. The most common item could be pointed out as lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums and roses. These arrangements will be ideal for funerals.

Therefore, it is important to remember that each floral arrangement has different meanings. It is important to send the right bouquet for the right occasion as mentioned above.


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