Finding a good job in SIngapore:

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Singapore is known to be one of the most expensive cities to live in the world but if you decide to find work in this country you have big chances of getting a better compensation that what you are normally getting in your own country. Your pay grade will depend on your skills, industries and expertise.


Looking for a job differs from one person to another. But if you would ask if it’s easy to look fo a job in Singapore, the answer is it not easy, it has never been easy and it will never be easy. The reason for that is to protect is to control migrants coming in and to protect its local and permanent residents from being unemployed and avoid the rising number of competitions between the locals and foreigners.

It is important that you have an updated resume with a cover letter that you should send to potential employers and websites and emails. You can also do walk ins if its possible.  Remember to only apply for jobs that matches your skills and level of expertise that way you don’t waste time and effort.


Create a user profile in a job application website and update your online resume where you can showcase your skill and previous work experience.  Try to search for the company that you would like to work for and get their e-mail address to make sure that your resume will be received and looked into.


Attend job fairs. If you are lucky you can look for companies that offer work in Singapore. Employers who hire externally can help their employees apply for a working visa. Companies who have more local employees are allowed to accept more foreign workers as well.  If you decide to stay with that company for a couple of years then your employer can also help you apply Singapore pr or a permanent residency status if they think that you deserve it.

All jobs are classified and controlled by their work ministry so they should be able to specify if the job is accepting foreign applicants or only exclusive to the locals.


Singapore offers different types of work visas known as EPAss, SPAss, Work Pass  and they are differentiated based on your educational background and salary grade. If you want to know which pass are you eligible for you can take an online test. If you get accepted to work in Singapore you will be given an IPA Letter and Physical Work Pass on your first day of work.


If you are new in Singapore one good suggestion is for you not to be choosy when it comes to finding the right job. You should keep an open mind and accept whatever job comes along and work your way up the corporate ladder because this opportunity does not come all the time. 

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