How to give back to your community?

If you have a community that you are proud of, and want to give back to it, here are a few valuable suggestions for you…


Be the unwavering voice

Sometimes, doing nothing but becoming the voice of the people can mean more than spending all your valuable money or time. If you feel your community minorities need a little support, be their voice when they cannot be heard. If the women or the children are being treated unfairly, speak out against it, being their champion. For sure, they can take care of themselves, and perhaps they will be heard of sooner or later. However, it goes without saying that having a influential person, or someone with a little persuasion powers, or simply an alley on their side can mean a great deal for those battling for long.

Support the community through your pockets

Whether you are a well known entrepreneur like Singapore’s prominent figure Teo Yen Koon Desmond, or someone just starting their journey as a businessman, if you have the means for it, consider contributing a little of your hard earned money to charity. We understand that you will not be able to do so in large amounts right from the start, or even do so regularly. However, it is also a fact that sometimes, every coin you allocate to charity can save or change someone’s life¾so never feel like you are not making a difference even with the little you are able to do or give.

Volunteer at the hospital’s day care center or infant/children’s ward

Children are so vulnerable; especially toddlers and infants. More often than not, life can be a little difficult to them, right from the start. If your local community’s hospital has a children’s ward, consider volunteering there. of course, they will not allow you hold or take care of the seriously ill children. However, if the hospital has a ward for the premature babies, most times, they will need volunteers to simply hold them and make them feel cared for.


Cook for the local soup kitchen

Everyone has a few talents they could make use of when trying to give back to the community. If your culinary skills are pretty good, or even if you can only do a good job of cutting up vegetable well and in a fast pace, then consider volunteering at or for a local soup kitchen. These voluntary kitchens generally feed the poor, needy and the hungry; mostly homeless people. If nothing else, consider serving the food at such kitchens. Let no talent go wasted when you are trying to give back to the community.



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