Identifying If You Are Under a Cyber Attack

Cyber attacks have become common these days. Though most of the time, the victims of such a cyber attack are huge companies there are times when people behind such a malicious act will victimize anyone who comes into contact with them.

Since these cyber attacks are a real situation we may have to deal with, it is always good to know about identifying if you are under such an attack or not. The longer you take, more serious the results could be. Once you know you are surely under a cyber attack you can take the necessary precautions and stop it from becoming worse and eventually find solutions as well.


Being Hard to Work in the Computer

If you find it difficult to work in your computer, this can very well be a sign of a cyber attack. However, we are not talking about your computer being slow as a computer tends to be slow under normal circumstances such as having no space in your hard disk. We are talking about your work disappearing and the computer not following your orders.

Appearance of New Software

There are also times when you find new software which you have not installed ever. If this computer is only used by you and you did not install such software it can very well be a cyber attack. There are also times when your browser ends up with a number of unknown tabs and pop ups. Those are also signs which tell you are under attack.

Independent Mouse Activity

There are also times when your mouse act on its own by going from one file to the next without your involvement. However, you should first check whether the mouse is moving because somehow you have kept it in an unbalanced position or because there is a malfunction in the mouse.

Losing Money from Bank Accounts

Another clear sign of a cyber attack is your money disappearing from your bank accounts without you authorizing any such transactions. This means someone has gained access to your system and found out your bank details. At such a moment, you have to get the bank involved to stop more of your valuable money from disappearing.

Sending Emails without Your Knowledge

If your friends are somehow receiving emails which you never sent, that is also a sign which means your email account is also under someone else’s control.

If you at any point see these signs you have to get someone knowledgeable involved. If you do not, things could get worse quite fast.

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