Learning how to turn things around if you are doing poorly in school

Useful tips for when you need it the most.


Understanding that you are doing poorly, and making your mind to do better

You don’t need to see your marked papers and failing grades to know that you are doing poorly in school. Your feelings for school itself should be indication enough. This way, you will not have wasted an entire semester, and have to redo certain subjects as a result. Ask yourself if you are finding it harder to get out of bed everyday? Ask yourself if you are feeling frustrated simply by remembering that you have to attend school the next day? If you feel this way, then without a doubt, you must be doing poorly at school and with your studies.

Trying to figure out why you are doing poorly

Now that you know you are doing poorly without anyone or any report card having to say it, try your best to figure out what the issue is. If it is something like being bullied at school, there is not much for you to figure out. Learn to stand up to your bullies, and things will turn to the better for you. If your problems are feeling sluggish at school and feeling very lazy, then take a look at your sleeping and eating habits. Having not enough sleep or eating foods that will make you feel lazy and uncomfortably full can generally result in this. If it is someone, or the feelings you hold for someone that has you distracted and unfocussed, learn to separate your feelings and learn to focus on the moment to do better at work.

Getting help where help is needed

Humans can often be stupid about asking help. But there comes a moment in everyone’s lives where you need to get help when and where help is needed. If you are doing badly on your subjects simply because you cannot understand it, it is vital that you get help to understand it. if you are doing poorly in mathematics, consider getting a maths tutor Singapore based to help you out. It may be a hired tutor, or a friend who can explain things better to you¾go with what ever you are comfortable with.


Sacrifices for the greater good

Do yourself a favor and remind yourself that your education, be that it is school or college, paves the way to the rest of your future. Doing well in school may not guarantee you a good job, but it will certainly make you more confident. This being said, if you feel you can sacrifice anything for it, like staying up late or going to the movies every week, do so. You will thank yourself for this later on in life…



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